117. Brigido’s Prayers Were Answered!

I believe your prayers were granted as we receive good news from my company that we will receive our delayed salaries within two days time and we were also informed today that the project we are waiting for was awarded to us. Thanks for all your prayers. I can feel its power and God is definitely near us. Thanks again and God Bless always.
Praise & Glory to God!Lady Bee

116. Pray for Wisdom

Psalm 111:10 says: The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom: a good understanding have all they that do his commandments: his praise endureth for ever.

All the works of the Lord are spoken of as one, it is his work; so admirably do all the dispensations of his providence centre in one design. The works of God, humbly and diligently sought into, shall all be found just and holy. God’s pardoning sin is the most wonderful of all his works, and ought to be remembered to his glory.

Praise the Lord!Lady Bee

A Message to the Prayer Warriors

Stephanie (our Head Prayer Warrior) has not been feeling to well lately so she is not able to deliver the message herself right now due to(health reasons) but she wanted me to deliver a message to you all;
Stephanie says;
Being a “Prayer Warrior” is a joy for me! To be able to bring others before for the Lord for her is a true joy. Physically my body is weary but, my spiritual body is on high for the Lord God. I am a Prayer Warrior and even though my body is not strong, I still am praying for all those on the prayer list. Love & God bless you all.
Please keep Stephanie lifted up in prayer. Thank you!
God Bless Stephanie & her Family
Lady Bee

115. In Prayer On Communion Sunday

Saints of God let us pray & worship in remembrance of our Lord Jesus Christ and what he has done for us (explanation on: Word of the Day page). Knowing that Jesus died and shed His blood on the cross for our sins and was resurrected on the third day. We shall proclaim His death until He comes. As we partake in this communion together let us bless His holy name for we are one body in Christ Jesus.

Blessed Be Your Name
In Heaven & On Earth
Lady Bee