What A Wonderful Gift My Children Are!

I am so blessed to have my Husband, Son, Daughter, Grandson & my extra Children & Grandchildren.
Thanking God for my March Babies :o)!
My son “Shaun’s” 30th birthday was on March 18th and he had to work so to help make his day special I brought him cupcakes & a big chocolate birthday cake which I dropped off at his job so that his coworkers could celebrate his birthday with him. Then the next morning brought him his favorite breakfast meal at Mickey D’s (Deluxe Breakfast). Then my daughter “Princess Mina’s” 28th birthday was on March 22nd and I took her to Friendly’s to get her favorite meal (Turkey Melt Sandwich/Fries) with a Strawberry Shortcake for her and brought one back home for Shaun too. Then they shared time last night watching movies together. Lord, I can remember when my hubby & I were giving them birthday parties at 8 & 10yrs old. The time went by so fast that I am glad we did enjoy the childhood years.
Let Us Count All Of
Our Blessings
Lady Bee