161. God’s Grace & Mercy On My Son Shaun

This is a testimony!
On March 31, 2007 only two weeks after my (Lady Bee’s) son Shaun’s 28th birthday he was in a car accident driving my Saturn. The car went airborne off the side of the road at high speed, through some trees and flipped over several times into a ditch. The Police found my son’s body which had been ejected 40 feet away from the car. Shaun survived! He was hospitalized for two days for observation & walked out with only minor cuts on his arms from all the shattered glass (no broken bones or anything) and of course a very sore body from being throw and hitting the ground so hard. As you look at this car you can barely tell what kind of car it was. It surely did not look anything like car I had. Only 2 flat tires and the other 2 wheels were no longer on the car. They said a tree went straight through the car and they found streaks of blood on the back panel of the vehicle which they said my son was thrown out of the back window. WHAT A MIRACLE! This is not the first time the good LORD has saved my son. But this just reminds me of how awesome God’s love, grace and mercy is upon my son. Thank you Father God. BLESSED BE THE NAME OF THE LORD, THE GLORIOUS NAME OF JESUS CHRIST OUR SAVIOR!
God bless and continue
to keep my family & yours
in the name of Jesus I pray. Amen.
Lady Bee β™₯