REAL TALK – Saturday 💯!

Did you know that people who are intimidated by you are the first to try to correct you? Okay, have you ever held a conversation with someone and the whole time they’re in rebuttal mode? They whole conversation is, yes but. Or they’re like, well it’s not quite like that. See, they know everything or at least they think they do. Many times they see that you’re just as knowledgeable as they are and it’s intimidating to them, so they’ll stop you in mid sentence just to try to correct you. Now, when I am picking and choosing my battles I will get quiet and allow them to speak and my response is a lot like this, yeah yeah, okay okay, right right. If I do that I am zoned out. Do not allow anyone who is possibly intimidated by you to sway the way you think or try to correct your stance. You must peep that spirit. Oh, and please be up on the know it all spirit. We will talk about that spirit another day. “Get this, it’s REAL TALK”!
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~Be So Blessed 💯,
Minister Terra Rush

NEW INSPIRATION – Saturday's Faith 👍

What God has for you is for YOU! You won’t have to beg, borrow, lie for it, steal it, sleep with someone for it, none of that. Be patient… That’s FAITH – Remember, that nothing is impossible with God 👍

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~God is FAITHful,
Shawana Williams 🌞

WORD – Saturday's I Know…📖

Blessings at Your Door through [Psalm 62:2; James 1:2]; Today I tell you no longer look at your storms but learn to dance in the rain. Issues, situations, and trials will arise, but you have the word of God to stand on the solid foundation. Plant your feet firmly in Him and be like David in (Psalm 62:2). David said he would not be shaken or moved. Today plant your feet in the word and not be shaken or moved by any storm that may come your way , but instead learn to dance in its rain. (James 1:2) 

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Know Whose You Are
~Carlos Aranda

PRAYER – On Saturday 🙏!

Pray for Discernment! Sometimes people hide their true intentions; they are deceitful and have ulterior motives unknown to you, but as you seek the face of God, He allows situations which may seem volcanic in nature to occur which shows you exactly who they are and their capabilities too. Do not be distraught (upset or worried) by these happenings. Do not ignore what the Lord shows you, follow His lead and use wisdom.

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~ Fervent Pray’er 🙏
Grace Alleyne