GREAT INSPIRATION – Wednesday's Faith Builder Upper 👍

As a new home owner of a fixer upper I am eager to start decorating and fixing up! But just like I got the house by faith…the funds to transform it must come by faith too. Not having the finances now don’t stop me from planning and I so I came across an article that listed 7 things I can do to make my house look like it has been professionally decorated…the least expensive thing listed was TIDY UP! I got so excited because I can do that now, scrub the floors, walls and doors…and then this scripture came to me… be faithful over a few things I will make you ruler over many. In our spiritual walk, God has given us a few things to be responsible for and he teaches us to be good stewards over them all, from relationships to finances. From the word and knowledge to joy and peace. Let me encourage you to TIDY UP if you falling short or just believing God for something greater. Be faithful over what you have and watch God bless you with more. 

Have FAITH, and know that, nothing is impossible with God 👍

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~God is FAITHful,
Prophetess Stacy Boling