PRAYER – on Wednesday 🙏🏾

Lord, seize the gates of the enemy in the midnight hour. We pray for our families divine protection. We bind the destroyer that will try to come in the midnight. Every spirit of destruction that is sent against our families and cities we bind in the mighty name of Jesus. We pray that our family be released from every spiritual prison. We pray for a supernatural earthquake in the mighty name of Jesus. Lord we pray for angelic intervention for those who need it. We make our case in fervent prayer. We pray for every emergency provision that is needed to be released. We thank You God for breakthrough and deliverance right now in our churches, in our homes, states, cities, communities and jobs. God we ask you to break every stronghold. We confront every storm and speak peace to every situation. We pray and take our authority in the midnight hour. We praise You God in the middle of it all. We stay on the path of righteousness and submit to Your way. Lord we praise you and thank you, O Lord. In the name of our Savior Jesus we declare this victory. Amen!

🙏 We Pray Daily!