106. AgapeLady – Our Newest Prayer Warrior

A warm welcome to our newest “Prayer Warrior” dedicated to the Lord” AgapeLady!
We’re so glad that you are a branch from the Vine for the kingdom of God. Thank you for joining us here at PRAYER FOR EVERYONE.

God’s Blessings
to AgapeLady

Lady Bee

105. Our Prayer Today

That we will pray people through to their salvation, through trials and tribulations.
Keep the saints of God & all prayer warriors strengthened in prayer & in faithfulness. We also pray for an increase in soldiers of the Lord to willingly hear your call in joining our Prayer Warriors here at “Prayer for Everyone” in honor of the kingdom of God.

Thank you Lord for abiding in us & us in you, we thank you for first loving us & us loving you. We are ever so thankful Lord God for answering our prayers and for your grace and mercy upon each and everyone of us.

God bless our every request
in the name of Jesus.Amen.

Lady Bee

104. Pray for Stephanie our Head Prayer Warrior

Stephanie (our Head Prayer Warrior) has not been feeling to well lately. She is not able to deliver the message herself right now due to(health reasons) but she wanted me to deliver a message to all of the Prayer Warriors;

Stephanie says;

Being a “Prayer Warrior” is a joy for me! To be able to bring others before the Lord is just a true joy. Physically my body is weary but, my spiritual body is on fire for the Lord God. I am a Prayer Warrior and even though my body is not strong, I am still praying for all those on the prayer list. Love & God bless you all.

Please keep Stephanie lifted up in prayer. Thank you!

God bless Stephanie & her Family
in the mighty name of Jesus.Amen.

Lady Bee

Welcome The Newest Prayer Warriors

Prayer for Everyone would like to introduce our newest “PRAYER WARRIORS” for the Lord;

1. Paul Buchanan
2. Renee

I personally want to thank you both for joining God’s children in prayer. We need people who know that prayer is the answer to any and everything that happens in our lives, be it good or bad. Our Father God will open doors that no one can open for with God all things are possible and without God nothing is possible.

As soldiers of the Almighty God, we welcome you both!

Love & God Bless
Lady Bee