298. Requesting Prayer for Tanya

She has been in the hospital & under a lot of stress. Let us lift her up for renewed strength to withstand darts of our adversary.
Father God help Tanya to not be weighed down by the concerns of this world. But in her weaknesses, give her an increased strength to be strong. Where there is fear, give her the courage to know that she shall not be defeated but has already received the victory.
Guide and comfort her through the holy spirit. Restore her faith and renew
her joy in Jesus’ name. Amen

Lady Bee

It Is A Terrific Tuesday

Thank God for this day that he has made, for his Son my Savior, his lovingkindness, shield of protection & mercy on you and me!

I want to share some news with my online friends & family. My grandson Shaun who just turned 11yrs old a couple days ago has finally gotten his braces. His mom emailed pictures from his birthday party and he is just as handsome as ever. God is so good! Shaun is not shame of his braces he is actually very thankful for them. Our family is so excited because he will be coming here to Florida to spend the rest of the summer with us in July after his baseball playoffs. Oh yes, I forgot to tell you his team made the playoffs this year. God bless the children.

We will be taking pictures of our summer adventures and I will post them at a later date.


For His Own Purpose
and Grace Be Blessed
in Christ
Lady Bee

297. Pray for Shevie’s Mom

She was brought to the emergency room & we don’t know what’s wrong but, God knows all things. Please lift her up today!
Dear Lord I ask that You take her hand & touch her body with
your miraculous powers of healing and restore Shevie’s mother
in the precious name of Jesus. Amen

Lady Bee

296. Elijah Needs Our Prayers

Baby Elijah is 2yrs old. He had surgery on his spine and his family is asking for prayer. Even though he is only 2yrs old this has taken a toll on him emotionally too. Let’s lift him up together Saints of God.
Lord we know you are able! The same God who forgives is the same God who heals. Everything required for our healing & salvation was provided to us at Calvary. For by his stripes Elijah is healed in the powerful name of Jesus. AmenLady Bee