84. Maria LePage

Prayer for her to be whole again in the LORD. Family, Finances and Mental health. Saints of God let us lift Maria’s name up boldly before our Father God in heaven. She is reaching out to all of her brothers & sisters in Christ at this time.

Bless her in Jesus’ name.Amen.
Lady Bee

Please join us!

We want to cordially invite you all to join us at 12:00pm today for ” Noon Day Intercessory Prayer”. From the far reaches of the nation to the deepest oceans. All nationalities, religions, color and creed for we all belong to the same Creator, our Lord God! Let us unite in spirit boldly before the LORD’s throne with our prayers today. If anyone needs special prayer, please, please let me know before noon so that I may post it so others will know what to pray for. Check the prayer list for many more things for us to pray about. Also, feel free to post your comments on the prayer list page immediately after our prayer time. We would be so glad to hear from you. Thank you & God bless *

Father God hear our cry
in the name of Jesus. Amen.
Lady Bee